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Custom-Made Tiaras and Crowns – A Personal Touch to Your Regal Look

Custom Made Tiaras and Crowns

Diamond Tiaras and Crowns will be  at Costozon Costozon offers a wide range of custom-made tiaras and crowns at an affordable price. Our collection of tiaras and crowns are made from the finest materials and are adorned with the highest quality diamonds. Our tiaras and crowns range from simple and elegant to elaborate, multi-tiered designs fit for […]

can I wear a diamond crown to my wedding

can I wear a Diamond crown to my wedding

you can put a crown on your wedding day if you want and it’s all about you. As you know, the brand “Costozon” which you will find in our place at Costozon will give you the right help to make this great step in life and make the way more easy to walk and the decision […]

Your wedding flower crown

Your wedding flower crown

Your wedding day is one of the most important and special days of your life, and choosing the right accessories, such as a flower crown, can help to make it even more memorable. But with so many options available, you may be wondering whether or not you should wear a flower crown on your wedding […]

Why didn’t Queen Elizabeth II allow Meghan Markle to wear her first choice of an emerald tiara for her wedding?

Meghan Markle emerald tiara

The infamous story of why Queen Elizabeth didn’t allow Meghan Markle to wear a tiara at her royal wedding has made headlines worldwide. The royals have always required the bride to wear a family tiara, and on May 19, 2018, the royal couple donned the Bandeau tiara that belonged to Queen Mary. Despite the royals’ […]

What Tiara Do You Think Princess Beatrice Will Wear For Her Wedding?

Princess Beatrice tiara

Beatrice Spencer’s engagement to Prince Andrew was one of the most anticipated weddings in recent years, and many are eager to see which tiara she will wear on the big day. While the Queen was the most recent to wear a tiara for her wedding, she has only worn one tiara in her nine-year reign. […]

What is the history of the Queen Mary diamond fringe tiara?

Queen Mary diamond fringe tiara

The famous tiara, created by Lord Garrard, was gifted to Queen Mary by the Queen Mother when pregnant. It was made in 1919 and worn by three generations of Windsor women. It was a very beautiful piece of jewelry that lasted for decades.  History of the diamond fringe tiara The history of the Queen’s diamond […]

What happened to the York Tiara? It was last seen 18 years ago.

York Diamond Tiara

The York Tiara is one of the most famous pieces of jewelry. It is said to be the most expensive tiara in history, a symbol of royalty. It is a precious piece of jewelry, and the Duchess of Yorkshire was the first to wear it. The Queen also used it at her wedding. Aside from […]

Why does the Queen of the United Kingdom rarely wear her crown?

Queen Crown

Crowns are essentially unrealistic. Aside from the way that they are totally extremely valuable, they gauge a significant sum and would be truly awkward to wear for extremely long. Envision the heaviness of all that gold and the gems sitting on somebody’s head for quite a while. They are precious ancient rarities, and require a […]

What crown did Princess Diana wear on her wedding day?

Princess Diana Crown

On 29 July 1981, Lady Diana Spencer ventured out to St Paul’s Cathedral with her dad, Earl Spencer, to say ‘I do to Prince Charles, watched by 3,500 visitors and further 750 million individuals on TV.  Not exclusively did her wedding dress, planned by the Emanuels, become quite possibly the most popular time characterizing wedding […]

What crown did Kate Middleton wear to the wedding?

Kate Middleton Crown

Back in 2011, there were reports that Kate Middleton had never wanted to wear a tiara on her big day. The regal to-be evidently had her heart set on wearing a sensitive blossom crown, an unusual, boho-style that wouldn’t watch strange at a quintessentially English wedding. Oh, this was no common wedding, this was a […]

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