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Why is Queen Victoria’s Small Diamond Crown no Longer Worn

Have you been curious to know why Queen Victoria’s Small Diamond Crown is no longer worn? Here is the best place for you. IN this article I will explain to you the reason why Queen Victoria’s Small Diamond Crown is Never worn nowadays. The truth of the matter as to why Queen Victoria’s Small Diamond […]

How much did you spend on your wedding tiara?

wedding tiara styles and types are numerous, Tiaras differ and from one tiara to another the cost varies. thus, there are many answers to the question ” How much did you spend on your wedding tiara? “ Before answering the aforementioned question, it is very useful to mention the most recently used tiara’s styles. First, […]

what is the queen’s most expensive tiara?

We are often in awe of the royal tiaras because of their price values. But modern diamond tiaras these days are made keeping in mind the needs and tastes of all women. They let you have a dream wedding, dressing up in a traditionally romantic as well as modern way without spending all your savings. […]

How Much Does A Real Diamond Tiara Cost?

A diamond tiara is the symbol of class and royalty. The only image that we can bring to mind while talking of a tiara is the dazzling aura of the jewelry on the head of a princess. The princess tiara has always been a royal possession because it is a part of most royal families’ […]

How Much Does A Tiara Cost?

Throughout history, men and women of status have adorned their heads with crowns and tiaras, symbolizing social superiority and power. Tiaras are decorative ornamental jewels traditionally worn by women on their heads, on many occasions. They are made of Gold, Silver Precious or non – precious metals, Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, or sometimes plastic. When are […]

What Is The Worth Of Real Tiaras?

Tiaras have an elegance and sophistication of their own. When we think about tiaras, we automatically relate it to the royal families. They have been seen to wear absolutely stunning tiaras over the ages. With precious stones and intricate designs, tiaras make a statement unique to their own. A tiara is enough to accentuate your […]

Can Non-royals Wear A Tiara For Their Wedding?

A Non-Royal Bridal Can Wear Diamond Tiara? If you ask what marks the difference between a royal lady and a non-royal woman on her wedding day, it would definitely be the tiara. Diamond tiaras look tailor-made for princesses and have grandeur and glamour written all over them. But, the question is whether non-royals can wear […]

Who has the most Expensive Tiara in the World?

The Most Expensive Tiara In The World What is the basic difference between a tiara and a crown? I came across this million-dollar question a while ago. Crowns are larger and taller than tiaras. Also, tiaras often don’t form a full circle, but crowns are always a full circle. So who has got the most […]

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