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Would a Princess Wear a Tiara or a Crown

Would a Princess Wear a Tiara or a Crown is a question that has remained in people’s mind for long, this is because both are used in the Royal family and by  same gender. Since ancient time, Princess Wear a Tiara while crowns are worn by royals – king or a queen. The Crown – Reigning […]

Who Wears the Biggest Crown in a Royal Family

The question of who wears the biggest crown in the Royal family has remained unanswered to many people. In the Royal family, both the King and Queen are entitled to wear a Crown, the crowns are made from different materials and designs. Every Crown has its own purpose. There are heavy and Large crowns while […]

What Tiara will Meghan Markle Wear for the Royal Wedding with Prince Harry

Questions on which tiara will Meghan Markle Wear for the Royal Wedding with Prince Harry have emerged after going into a timeline that the two will be marrying in may at Windsor Castle. There are 5 collections of tiaras in the Royal Vault that Meghan Markle is required to choose on which to wear. These […]

What Diamond is in The Crown Jewels

Many people are always curious to know what diamond is in the Crown Jewels. If you are one of these people be sure to read through this article discussing every diamond in the Crown Jewels. There are several diamonds in the Crown Jewels. The Crown Jewels which is located in the Tower of London was […]

How Much do I Need to Spend for a Half Crown Diamond Band

Half Crown bands are used for various purposes: in weddings and for fun. It is a wish for every band’s buyer to have a nice and attractive band. However, not all half Crown bands own these characteristics. Half-Crown Diamond Band is special in a way. A person looking for a band to buy should consider […]

Why is Queen Victoria’s Small Diamond Crown no Longer Worn

Have you been curious to know why Queen Victoria’s Small Diamond Crown is no longer worn? Here is the best place for you. IN this article I will explain to you the reason why Queen Victoria’s Small Diamond Crown is Never worn nowadays. The truth of the matter as to why Queen Victoria’s Small Diamond […]

Should I wear a flower crown to my wedding?

Each young lady needs an excuse to wear blossoms in her hair, which may clarify why bloom crowns have gotten quite possibly the most mainstream flower crown wedding adornments. The characteristic headpieces first sprung up in quite a while as an ethereal option in contrast to cover, and soon enough, ladies wherever started altering the […]

How much is a real flower crown?

Each woman is a princess on her huge day and each princess needs a flower crown. All in all, what preferred crown over one made of blooms, blossoms, and surprisingly the odd berry? Marriage bloom crowns come in heap styles, from excellent and abundant boho stylish to basic, unpretentious, and simply exquisite. Today bloom crowns […]

Does the British Queen Crown have a diamond? What is its price?

St Edward’s Crown is apparently the main piece in the Crown Jewels: it is the one a Monarch is delegated with during the royal celebration function. It was made for Charles II in 1661, to supplant the middle age crown which had been dissolved down in 1649 by the Parliamentarians. The request for 9 August […]

what is the queen’s most expensive tiara?

We are often in awe of the royal tiaras because of their price values. But modern diamond tiaras these days are made keeping in mind the needs and tastes of all women. They let you have a dream wedding, dressing up in a traditionally romantic as well as modern way without spending all your savings. […]

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