What happened to the York Tiara? It was last seen 18 years ago.

York Diamond Tiara

The York Tiara is one of the most famous pieces of jewelry. It is said to be the most expensive tiara in history, a symbol of royalty. It is a precious piece of jewelry, and the Duchess of Yorkshire was the first to wear it. The Queen also used it at her wedding. Aside from the tiara, she also wore it at Elton John’s house in Windsor.

The Duchess of Sussex wore the tiara to her wedding, as she has been in the Duchess of York. The tiara has been in public for more than a decade. It is believed that the Duchess of Lancaster wore it in 1986. The tiara was last worn by Sarah, the Duchess of Yorkshire. Prince Philip and the Queen reportedly gave Sarah to wear at their wedding.

Fergie Wedding

Fergie and Eugenie last saw the York Tiara at their wedding in 2001. The pair were married in 1991 and divorced a year later. The Duchess of Kent wore the tiara again in 2000. The pair’s wedding day was a royal event in which the Queen was the bride’s best friend, and the Groom was close. She was even wearing the tiara in her photos.

While Fergie wore the York tiara at her wedding, she wore it after her divorce. She is believed to have kept it for herself after the divorce. The Duchess of Kent was also said to keep the tiara. There are some rumors that it is her mother’s tiara.

Prince Diana’s Wedding day

The York tiara was last seen on Princess Diana’s wedding day in 1997. Sarah Ferguson wore the diamond and platinum tiara, which has since been known as the York Diamond Tiara. Queen Elizabeth II presented this tiara to Sarah as a wedding present, and she has since worn it numerous times. Sarah’s wedding was the only time the tiara has been seen in public, and it is unlikely that it will be worn by a royal again for a long time.

diamond tiara

The York tiara

The York tiara is the only one of the Queen’s crown jewels that haven’t been seen since the royal wedding in 1986. The tiara was designed by Garrard and is believed to have cost around PS230,000. Sarah Ferguson wore the tiara to her Westminster Abbey wedding, and it was probably her choice of wedding tiara. The dress was made by Linda Cierach and was priced at PS34,000, making it one of the most expensive.

In 1997, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh bought the York Tiara for PS926,400. It is a platinum and diamond piece that features scrolls and a central diamond. The York Tiara was given to Sarah Ferguson by the Queen, who wore it on her wedding day. The duchess kept the tiara after their divorce to be a showpiece for future weddings.

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