What is the history of the Queen Mary diamond fringe tiara?

Queen Mary diamond fringe tiara

The famous tiara, created by Lord Garrard, was gifted to Queen Mary by the Queen Mother when pregnant. It was made in 1919 and worn by three generations of Windsor women. It was a very beautiful piece of jewelry that lasted for decades. 

History of the diamond fringe tiara

The history of the Queen’s diamond tiara begins in 1921. Queen Elizabeth gave the tiara to her daughter-in-law. Queen Elizabeth, wore it for her first official portrait as Queen. Queen Elizabeth wore the tiara often during the 1930s and even lent it to the Duchess of Cornwall for her wedding.

The Queen was so proud of the tiara that she lent it to her granddaughter Princess Elizabeth. In 1973, the Queen Mother lent the tiara to Princess Anne. She wore it during her wedding to Captain Mark Phillips.

Princess wedding in 1947

Princess Beatrice first wore the tiara at her wedding in 1947. It is now known as the Queen Mary Diamond Fringe Tiara. The tiara was created with 47 light bars of diamonds. The tiara was broken at Queen Elizabeth’s wedding, but the tiara was eventually repaired and lent to Princess Elizabeth. In 1970, the tiara was lent to her daughter Princess Anne, and she will be lending it to her granddaughter Princess Beatrice in 2020.


diamond fringe tiara

Princess Anne’s wedding in 1973

Princess Anne used the tiara at her wedding in 1973, and the Queen Mother loaned it. The Queen was used as The tiara for the Queen’s 2011 Diamond Jubilee Portrait of New Zealand. The Queen did not wear this tiara regularly and is now part of the Royal Collection. It is a precious piece of jewelry that has been handed down for centuries.

Royal Brides Tradition

The tiara continues a tradition of royal brides wearing tiaras. This piece was bestowed on Princess Beatrice by Queen Elizabeth II in 2020, hoping to instill strength and radiance into the young couple. 

Queen Mary wore the Diamond Fringe Tiara during the 1930s, but it was not originally hers. The tiara was gifted to Princess Beatrice by Queen Victoria as a wedding gift. The tiara is a tribute to Queen Maria’s role in the pandemic and First World War.

Repurposed the diamonds in Queen Mary’s tiara were from another tiara. The tiara was later loaned to Princess Anne and Princess Beatrice. In July of this year, the wedding of the future Princess Beatrice is scheduled. It will be the first time this tiara will be seen in public again.

Classic Tiara

Besides being a popular tiara, the Queen Mary Diamond Fringe Tiara is a great example of a classic tiara. It was worn by Queen Mary on her wedding day and was a hit at the premiere of the movie The Ghost Goes West, which starred the Queen. The royal couple was married in the same year, but they also had two children.

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