What Tiara Do You Think Princess Beatrice Will Wear For Her Wedding?

Princess Beatrice tiara

Beatrice Spencer’s engagement to Prince Andrew was one of the most anticipated weddings in recent years, and many are eager to see which tiara she will wear on the big day. While the Queen was the most recent to wear a tiara for her wedding, she has only worn one tiara in her nine-year reign. However, her grandmother Queen Mary wore the same tiara on her wedding day, and her mother, the Queen, wore the same tiara.

There are many possible tiaras that she may wear on her big day. She might choose the famous York Tiara, given to Sarah Ferguson when she married Prince Andrew in 1986. The diamond tiara features a central stone surrounded by small diamonds. Even though she gave the tiara to Sarah Ferguson in the 1920s, she kept it when she and Prince Andrew divorced. The tiara has presumably been stored away in her jewelry safe.

Princess Beatrice’s tiara

It seems that Princess Beatrice’s tiara will be made of diamonds, which are considered the ultimate symbol of love, romance, and longevity. In a recent interview with Page Six Style, jewelry expert Grant Mobley said that Beatrice might be inspired by her mother’s tiara, which was given to her by Queen Mary and Prince Philip when they were young. It is thought that Sarah kept the tiara, which she was given by Queen Victoria, in the 1970s.

A sentimental tiara might be the perfect choice for Princess Beatrice. She recently wore the Greville Tiara, it was a surprise for the public, but the York family is only known to have two daughters. If she chooses a tiara that’s sentimental to her, she may choose something that has a special meaning for her.

In addition to the diamond tiara, Princess Beatrice will also wear a vintage tiara from the Queen’s mother. The Queen’s diamond tiara was designed by Norman Hartnell and was worn by her grandmother. She wore the gown by Stewart Parvin. The tiara’s vintage design was based on the Queen’s vintage style.


Diamond Tiara For Princess

In the past, a diamond tiara was only worn by queens and princesses, but this time the royal wedding of Beatrice Spencer will feature an unusual piece. The Princess of Wales has a long history of outrageous hats, and her upcoming nuptials are sure to make the tiara a unique accessory. She is expected to wear a tiara adorned with more than one hundred carats.

According to Buckingham Palace, the princess will wear a vintage wedding dress and wear a diamond tiara lent by Queen Elizabeth. Queen Mary wore the diamond tiara during her wedding in 1947. Garrard and Co. crafted the fringe design from a diamond necklace given to her by Queen Victoria in 1893.

It has become commonplace for royalty to borrow a tiara from the Queen during their royal weddings in recent years. However, the future countess will likely wear a diamond tiara for her big day. It will not only honor her close relationship with the House of Windsor but will also send a subtle shout-out to the original wedding plans.

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