Why didn’t Queen Elizabeth II allow Meghan Markle to wear her first choice of an emerald tiara for her wedding?

Meghan Markle emerald tiara

The infamous story of why Queen Elizabeth didn’t allow Meghan Markle to wear a tiara at her royal wedding has made headlines worldwide. The royals have always required the bride to wear a family tiara, and on May 19, 2018, the royal couple donned the Bandeau tiara that belonged to Queen Mary. Despite the royals’ veto, Meghan had her heart set on a tiara made of emeralds, but the tiara was linked to a scandal. The story is about why the duchess requested that Meghan use a different tiara for her wedding.

But Meghan Markle wasn’t happy with her tiara choice and had an exchange with staff, prompting the Queen to speak to the bride-to-be. The Queen asked the bride-to-be whether she felt the need to wear a veil, given her second marriage, and encouraged her to reconsider her communication style. Ultimately, the Queen told Meghan to follow family protocols and think carefully about her decision.

Meghan Markle tiara

The Queen reportedly didn’t allow Meghan Markle to wear a tiara for her wedding. Although it’s tradition for royalty to loan sparklers to newlyweds, the royal family has refused to lend any tiara to the duchess of Sussex. As a result, the Queen refused to lend her first choice to the royal couple.

The Queen’s refusal to lend Meghan Markle her tiara has caused a lot of tension between the royals. The new Duchess of Sussex is still in her infancy and had trouble finding the right tiara for her wedding. The royals are strict about what Meghan Markle wears, and the Queen doesn’t want her to be a disgrace.

The tiara Meghan wanted to wear at her royal wedding was a huge source of controversy. The royals’ dresser, Angela Kelly, blamed the royal family for the delay. While the royals’ choice was ultimately right, the Queen never wanted the tiara to be worn by her daughter. So, she said no to the tiara.

The royal family’s tiara was not allowed for Meghan’s royal wedding. She’d wanted to wear it for her first state dinner abroad, but the Queen and Prince William had different opinions. She didn’t want her daughter to be embarrassed about the jewels she was wearing at her wedding. The royals weren’t pleased with her choice. It seemed like the Queen was putting her in a position to judge her.

While Meghan Markle chose a simple wedding gown from the British royals, she borrowed her tiara from Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother. At the same time, the royal tiara was not allowed for her royal wedding. The tiara is one of her most famous tiaras, a symbol of royalty.

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