How Much Does A Real Diamond Tiara Cost?

A diamond tiara is the symbol of class and royalty. The only image that we can bring to mind while talking of a tiara is the dazzling aura of the jewelry on the head of a princess. The princess tiara has always been a royal possession because it is a part of most royal families’ customs. The princess has to wear a diamond tiara on the day of the wedding, and in case of families like the British royalty, it is only accessible to married women. Moreover, the cost of a real diamond tiara is as astonishing as its beauty and dazzle. Some of the most valuable diamond tiaras in the royal families will stun you with their prices as much as their glamorous looks.

What decides the price of a tiara?

A tiara can cost anything from $200 to $100,000. If you are looking for diamond tiaras, then the cost depends on a lot of factors. Firstly, you have to consider the number of diamonds studded on the tiara. Then come to the cut, the clarity, carat, and the color of the diamonds. The better the quality of the diamond, the more expensive is the tiara. Also consider the craftsmanship, design, and size of the tiara. A regular tiara can cost you as low as $500 to $10,000. But a deluxe tiara studded with a large number of finely cut round brilliant diamonds and other gemstones can cost you almost a million dollars or more. The more you have round brilliant cut, colorless or nearly colorless diamonds of excellent grade and high carats studded on the gold or silver base of the tiara; the more is the price.   

Some of the best tiaras you can buy

Modern-day brides can choose to replicate the royal look by choosing an affordable diamond tiara for their wedding. Such a precious piece of jewelry will remain an asset all their lives and can even be an heirloom. Costozon Diamond Tiara Crown is your one-stop destination if you are looking for various styles of tiaras for your D-day. Here we present you the three best designs from their Silver Tiara collection for a majestic wedding look.

diamond wedding tiara

1.     Diamond Wedding Tiara 35 Ctw Rose Cut Diamond Pearl 925 Sterling Silver Tiara

This magnificent diamond tiara is designed to make you look like a princess. The majestic design and superb craftsmanship make it an awe-inspiring piece of jewelry. The leaf motifs made out of dazzling brown-tinted rose cut diamonds give it a unique traditional charm. The three-round pearls on the body and one drop-shaped pearl in the top center enhance its beauty and make it a classic tiara for your wedding. This is truly an heirloom to preserve.  Lightly curl the hair, tie loose braids on both sides and bring them together at the back in a twisted, floral bun. Wear this large, majestic tiara on the front for a gorgeous wedding look. Hang a few loose curls to caress your face romantically.

Flower Tiara

2.     Flower Tiara 47.25 Ctw Rose Cut Diamond Blue Sapphire 925 Sterling Silver Tiara

Puff up the hair and make a loose top knot while leaving a few wavy locks to frame the face. Compliment the classic bridal hairdo with this floral tiara made of rose cut diamonds, studded with refreshingly blue sapphires. Your wedding day is special and has several dreams associated with it. Therefore, your wedding tiara should be as grand as this diamond and sapphire crusted one. The traditional, royal design also has a touch of contemporariness in it and can never get out-dated. Wear this and look as glamorous as a princess from any royal family.

3.       Wedding Tiaras 26.3 Ctw Rose Cut Diamond Pearl 925 Sterling Silver Tiara

Step out like a princess out of a fairy tale with this sublime diamond and pearl-encrusted tiara. The glorious design looks resplendent because of the stunning rose cut pearls that dazzle as bright as your dreams on your D-day. The white pearls crowning the tiara enhance its grace and aura to make you appear like an enchanting princess. This classy design of all times can suit all wedding gowns and hairstyles to give you an unforgettable charm on the best day of your life. Make this a fashion statement by teaming it up with any chic topknot or with sensuous curls and low buns. Check out more contemporary as well as heavy and traditional designs of tiaras in all budget ranges on Costozon

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