what is the queen’s most expensive tiara?

We are often in awe of the royal tiaras because of their price values. But modern diamond tiaras these days are made keeping in mind the needs and tastes of all women. They let you have a dream wedding, dressing up in a traditionally romantic as well as modern way without spending all your savings.

Modern tiaras are affordable, chic, and sophisticated while retaining the age-old, timeless romance and charm intact. From heavy and expensive designs to contemporary, boho lightweight diadems, you have a lot of choices. You can go for Swarovski crystals to elegant pearls or the traditional diamond-studded tiaras for your dream day. The options are also available in various price ranges so that all women can have a dream wedding just as they have picturized for years.

The most expensive tiara

You might also be wondering which is the most expensive tiara that the Queen owns. The Greville Emerald tiara is the one that stands out on the top in terms of worth in the Queen’s exquisite collection. It was handmade in 1919 by Boucheron, which is a Parisian jewellery house. It boasts a 93.70-carat emerald at the centre which has a cabochon-cut. The tiara has a platinum frame and is bejewelled with five more diamonds and emeralds. Experts believe that the tiara might be worth 10 million pounds because it is abundant with the finest precious stones and has a royal history associate with it.

The tiara had been passed to Queen Mary by Mrs. Greville, who had left all her jewelry to the royals. Queen Mary had further passed it down to Queen Elizabeth II. This rare tiara was last seen when Princess Eugenie wore it for her wedding in 2018. Royal watchers were surprised to see her wear this mesmerizing tiara and were in awe of its splendid aura. 

Head to Costozon Diamondtiaracrown.com to add a princess tiara for your own collection. They have a beautiful range of extravagant yet sophisticated tiaras for you to choose from. Some of the best ones from the range are:

  • Princess Bridal Tiara 23.5 Ctw Rose Cut Diamond Pearl 925 Sterling Silver Tiara: Rose cut diamonds create a beautiful and royal aura in this tiara. The shimmery pearls add richness to the look making you look like a true princess. The design of the tiara is also such that it will make you reminiscent of the Victorian era.
  • Princess Bridal Tiara 62 Ctw Rose Cut Diamond Pearl, Turmaline 925 Sterling Silver Tiara: If you are looking for a tiara that resembles a crown, this one would be just perfect for you. Large pearls accentuate the look of the diamond tiara while the central tourmaline stone is enough for captivating attention effortlessly.

To look like a princess yourself, look for a tiara that compliments your look and style. It need not be worth millions, but you can definitely get a tiara that remains timeless in your collection!

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