How Much Does A Tiara Cost?

diamond tiara crown

Throughout history, men and women of status have adorned their heads with crowns and tiaras, symbolizing social superiority and power. Tiaras are decorative ornamental jewels traditionally worn by women on their heads, on many occasions. They are made of Gold, Silver Precious or non – precious metals, Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, or sometimes plastic.

When are they worn?

Tiaras are worn by women as a decorative accessory on special occasions like prom, weddings, birthdays, homecoming, baby showers, anniversaries, and quinceañera, to mention a few. The winners of beauty pageants are adorned with heavy and bold tiaras as a reward for their beauty and grace. And not to forget our favorite Disney princesses!

The price of a tiara 

Let’s take a look at how much these tiaras worn in the realms of royalty and pageantry cost. The Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, famously belonging to the British Royal family for ages, cost $747,000 in May 1981 when it was bought at an auction. Its value now is estimated to be around 1 to 2 million dollars. The Marie Therese Emerald and diamond tiara in another million-dollar royal tiara, which is a marvel of French jewels

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You need not worry about these pieces, which will render you being more than just bankrupt! For your special days, you may get your hands on affordable tiaras, while still not compromising on quality and beauty. You will find innumerable tiaras, crowns, and headbands from various categories, once you choose Costozon Diamond Tiara Crown. They have more than everything you need to look classy and royal on those photo albums.

One such category that they have is the “Affordable tiaras” section. Well, you dare not get misled by the name! The glamorous tiaras adorned with precious stones could baffle you. 

Are you an admirer of vintage emerald tiaras? Check out the “Rose Cut Diamond Emerald 925 Sterling Silver Tiara” on the website. The antique and rustic green gem and the vintage design of the tiara made of sterling silver and rose-cut diamonds is definitely something to invest in. Further adding to the affordability is the massive sale which is ongoing. 

Sterling Silver Hair Tiara

Another extremely beautiful piece of a jewel from the Costozon Diamond Tiara Crown is the “Cheap Tiaras 10.33 Cts Rose Cut Diamond Topaz Antique Victorian Look 925 Sterling Silver Hair Tiara”. No words suffice to convey how pleasing and feminine this tiara is. Adorned with rose-cut diamonds and topaz, it instantly adds that Victorian charm to your getup as a whole. Not to forget the lustrous silver body, designed into a minimalistic yet stylish frame. 

Wedding Anniversary Bridal Tiara

Our personal favorite for brides is the “Cheap Tiaras 37.00Ct Natural Diamond 14K White Gold Pearl Wedding Anniversary Bridal Tiara” from the Costozon Diamond Tiara Crown. Nothing would seem to complement your wedding gown more than the white gold and shiny pearls in this tiara.  The list is endless, go, and find out for yourself! These affordable tiaras are available at slashing low prices during sales, typically less than a thousand dollars.

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