What Is The Worth Of Real Tiaras?

What Is The Worth Of Real Tiaras

What Is The Worth Of Real Tiaras?

Tiaras have an elegance and sophistication of their own. When we think about tiaras, we automatically relate it to the royal families. They have been seen to wear absolutely stunning tiaras over the ages. With precious stones and intricate designs, tiaras make a statement unique to their own.

A tiara is enough to accentuate your look without the help of any other jewelry. It is paired best with exquisite gowns. There are various types of tiaras such as princess tiaras, bridal crowns, birthday tiaras, and wedding tiaras too. Make sure that you own a tiara that compliments your personality and overall look for the occasion.

You must feel like royalty in the tiara that you adorn. It has been often seen that tiaras are used to pair with the wedding veil of a bride. Make sure that the tiara you choose goes well with the hairstyle too. This will ensure that you feel comfortable wearing the tiara.  

What aspects determine the worth of a real tiara?

real tiara

Looking at all the tiaras that the royals wear, we can really never estimate their actual worth. They usually range in millions of dollars as their value not only depends on the fine gems and ethereal designs but also on the heritage that they boast of. Most of them are inherited as family possessions and passed through generations. Let us here look at the various aspects that are looked at to truly determine the worth of a real tiara.

  • Crowns are elaborate and are worn in various occasions such as weddings, birthdays, as well as anniversaries. You will find gold and silver crowns decorated with precious stones such as sapphires, diamonds, and rubies. The price range of such crowns can differ between $320 to $38,000.
  • Tiaras are a mellowed version of crowns but are equally charming. Tiaras give a subtle as well as a sophisticated look. You can find gold, silver, as well as intricately handmade tiaras, etched with beautiful cuts and designs. You can choose to wear it for your bachelorette party, wedding, birthday, or any other special occasion. The price range of tiaras falls between $390 to $27,000.
  • Headbands have a unique aura about themselves. You can use it to compliment different hairstyles and looks. You will find antique as well as art deco, bridal as well as birthday headbands. The cost range of headbands varies between $220 to $1350.

What are some of the other factors that you must keep in mind?

Tiaras are primarily categorised into two basic styles – the large tiaras that are placed high on the head and the smaller ones which are usually used to place on a bun or to compliment a hairdo. Some tiaras have combs attached to them for better placement on the head while others have small loops at both ends to secure with bobby pins on the head.

The price of the tiara also varies depending on the type you choose. Go for Costozon Diamond Tiara Crown for some unique and modern tiaras. The handmade tiaras are a particular favorite here. The designs are very authentic and are made with extreme care and precision. Some examples of these designs are:

Handmade Tiara
Handmade Tiara Bridal

Next time, you want to purchase a tiara, keep in mind the various aspects discussed to make a satisfying purchase!

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