Who Wears the Biggest Crown in a Royal Family

Royal family crown

The question of who wears the biggest crown in the Royal family has remained unanswered to many people.

In the Royal family, both the King and Queen are entitled to wear a Crown, the crowns are made from different materials and designs. Every Crown has its own purpose. There are heavy and Large crowns while others are small and light considering the materials used to make them. The importance and strengths of the crown vary with the user of the crown. Let us discuss who wears the biggest crown in the Royal family.

St. Edward’s crown which dates back b357 years ago weighs 2.23 kilograms. The crown has always been maintained in its original form since 1661. St.Edward’s Crown is worn only once by the King in his reign – during their Coronation. Due to its weight, some monarchs try not to wear it when being Crowned but choose to place it on the altar.

The king is required to wear Imperial State Crown on formal Royal occasions including the opening of the parliament. The crown weighs 1.06 kg. Since its existence in 1937, there have been several types of Imperial State Crown. Initially, the imperial state crown was meant for the King in the Royal family crown before King James Stuart introduced an Imperial State Crown for his wife- Mary of Modena. Every Imperial State Crown came with its own design and has Jewelry from its predecessor being included on it.

The Imperial State Crown introduced King James Stuart for his wife weighed 0.74 kg . Mary II was Crowned with this crown made to Mary of Madonna while his husband was Crowned using Edward’s crown after they both overthrew King James and Mary of Modena. In 1702 Anne choose Mary of Madonna’s crown as the crown to be used to crown her. The crown was also used during the Coronation of Queen Caroline- wife to King George II.

In 1761, when George II was marrying queen Charlotte, Mary Modena’s crown was not used and Queen Charlotte was given a new crown to use. In 1831 when queen Adelaide was marrying William IV, she used Mary of Modena’s crown but the crown was in a bad state of repair. Moreso, the crown appeared too outdated to be used by then.

A new crown being made every time a queen was being Crowned had become too common and thus when Queen Alexandra when was being Crowned, a new crown fitted with Koh-I-Noor was designed.10 years later the Koh-I-Noor was removed from the crown when Queen Mary was being Crowned. In 1937, a new crown was made for crowning queen Elizabeth. The Koh-I-Noor was once again Incorporated into the crown and other diamonds. The new crown weighs 0.5 kilograms.

In conclusion, the king wears the biggest crown in a Royal family. The crown of the king serves very major roles and therefore it is not vulnerable to changes with time as is the case with the crown worn by the queen.

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