Would a Princess Wear a Tiara or a Crown

Would a Princess Wear a Tiara or a Crown

Would a Princess Wear a Tiara or a Crown is a question that has remained in people’s mind for long, this is because both are used in the Royal family and by  same gender.

Since ancient time, Princess Wear a Tiara while crowns are worn by royals – king or a queen. The Crown – Reigning monarch is always a symbol of the Power and authority of a monarchy. Tiaras are only supposed to be worn by brides associated with the Royal family on their wedding day or by married women .Tiaras are reserved for members of the Royal family who are married though there are exceptions while crown is reserved for the Royal only- the king and the Queen.

During a reception of Buckingham palace, the Duchess of Cambridge-the queen- wore tiara together with her husband-king Duchess of Cornwall. Princess Middleton wore princess Diana lover’s knot tiara paired it with a necklace borrowed from the queen. During the occasion, Princess Meghan and Eugene wore tiaras borrowed from the queen on their wedding days.

Princess Diana was spotted wearing a tiara on her wedding to Prince Charles. Princess Diana had access to two tiaras- the Cambridge Lover’s Knot and the Spencer Tiara.After her wedding Princess Diana was spotted wearing tiara in many occasions where she matched with various dress which created stunning look to the public.

Princess Anne and Princess Margaret wore a tiara for the first time before she got married.However, princess Eugene wore tiara publicly during her wedding to Jack Brooksbank.princess Beatrice is yet to wear a tiara .Both Princess Margaret and princess Anne wore tiaras in an official capacity as working royals – attending events of the state and Royal functions.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle had never been spotted wearing tiara depsite being part of the Royal family until they got married , this is because they are not born as princess. Since she was married, Kate has been spotted wearing tiara in many functions.

Princess Charlotte is expected to wear tiara before she gets married, this is because she is born a Princess- daughter to Prince William and Princess Cate.The Royal family is becoming too small and therefore, princess Charlotte maybe considered for presenting her family at Royal events.Princess may start wearing tiara if her dad Prince William is crowned as a king There are many possibilities of princess Charlotte to wear tiara before she is married.

 A princess wear a tiara and not a crown. However ,for a princess to be considered to wear a tiara ,she must be working in royals such as attending parliament proceedings. It is only a Princess who can be allowed to wear a tiara before marriage, other members of the Royal family must be married first before they wear a tiara. The tiara worn by the princess should have been borrowed from the queen and can only be worn during special occasions.

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