What Tiara will Meghan Markle Wear for the Royal Wedding with Prince Harry

meghan markle wedding tiara

Questions on which tiara will Meghan Markle Wear for the Royal Wedding with Prince Harry have emerged after going into a timeline that the two will be marrying in may at Windsor Castle.

There are 5 collections of tiaras in the Royal Vault that Meghan Markle is required to choose on which to wear. These tiaras include The Spencer Tiara, Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara, Lotus Flower Tiara, Strathmore Tiara, and Queen Mother’s Cartier Bandeau. It is assumed that Markle will follow the footsteps of Middleton. According to Middleton, for every lady’s wedding, a prince is required to choose any of the Tiaras in the Royal Vault to top up her wedding look. With the many options let discuss what Tiara will Meghan Markle Wear for the Royal Wedding with Prince Harry.

The Spencer Tiara

There are speculations that Meghan Markle will wear The Spencer Tiara for the Royal Wedding with Prince Harry. The tiara has been worn during the Weddings of Diana’s sisters. Also, Diana’s younger brother- Charles Spencer and Celia McCorquodale – the daughter of Diana’s oldest sister Sara used Spencer Tiara in their Weddings. Markle may choose Spencer Tiara for her wedding though some say that she may not choose the tiara Because she is marrying into the Windsor.

Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara

This tiara crafted by Cartier was Princess Margaret’s most favorites Tiara. Cambridge Lovers Knot has been worn by Kate several times including during her wedding day to Prince William. Many believe that Princess Markle may decide to wear the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara due to its amazing royal history while others disagree due to the heavyweight associated with it.

Lotus Flower Tiara

Designed by Gerrard London, the Lotus Flower Tiara has been used by Princess Margaret. The daughter-in-law of Princess Margaret has used it during her wedding. Some say Markle may wear this signature curvy-shaped tiara since it is always enjoyed and loved by the new generation of Windsor women while others believe there is still the possibility of her not picking the tiara.

Strathmore Tiara

Strathmore Tiara was a gift from Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne to their daughter-Elizabeth Bowes Lyon who they felt needed a tiara despite the fact she was not destined to be a queen.  The tiara has not been seen in public for a long time now. Markle may choose the Strathmore Tiara in her wedding though some still believe she may not consider this tiara made up of many flowers.

The Queen Mother’s Cartier Bandeau

Comprising of bracelets, the Queen Mother’s Cartier Bandeau is worn with three other pieces which have to be chosen by the bride. Despite the chance of choosing, the possibility of Markle wearing Queen Mother’s Cartier Bandeau in her wedding is very minimal.

The five tiaras have a history of being worn by brides during royal weddings and there are chances of Markle choosing one of the Tiaras in her wedding. However, despite the possibilities, nobody knows the exact tiara will Meghan Markle wear for the Royal Wedding with Prince Harry.

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