What Diamond is in The Crown Jewels

What Diamond is in The Crown Jewels

Many people are always curious to know what diamond is in the Crown Jewels. If you are one of these people be sure to read through this article discussing every diamond in the Crown Jewels.

There are several diamonds in the Crown Jewels. The Crown Jewels which is located in the Tower of London was set specifically to keep ornaments that were made for King Charles II  in 1960. Diamonds ornaments in the Crown Jewels include Orb, Sovereign’s ring, The Sovereigns’ Scepters with cross, Jewelled sword of offering, St  Edward’s crown, Imperial State Crown, and the Queen Consorts Crown.


Orb is made up of 365 diamonds. The Orb is placed on the alter after being placed in the right hand of the Monarch during ceremonies. This tradition has been in existence since Roman times. Sovereign ring also known as the wedding ring of England is surrounded by diamonds. The sovereign ring represents the Sovereign’s “marriages”. The ring is placed on the fourth finger of the right hand by the Archbishop.

The Sovereign’s scepter with cross

Sovereign’s Sceptre with cross contains Cullinan 1 diamond- also known as the star of Africa. The sovereign’s Scepter which is made up of the largest cut diamond in the world is held with a glove to remind the Monarch to use their power wisely.

Jeweled sword of offering

The design of the Jewelled Sword of Offering was suggested by George IV himself. The Sovereignty of the sword is invested during the Coronation ceremony where after the anointing, the sword is rubbed and presented with a number of symbolic ornaments.  The sword is used to protect gods and also to punish the evil in society.

St Edward’s Crown

The Crown weighs less than 5 lbs. St Edward’s Crown is used to crown English and British monarchs at their coronation. So far the crown has Crowned six monarchs since its restoration. St Edward’s Crown which is only used during crowning was named in memory of the Crown worn by the Medieval King.

The Imperial State Crown

  Imperial State Crown contains 2868 diamonds which include Cushion-Cut and Cullinan II diamond. The crown is worn at the end of the Coronation and during the Procession. The crown also contains Koh-I-Noor which is one of the most appreciated diamonds in the world. Due to the fact that the Imperial State Crown can only be touched by three people: the Queen, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Crown Jeweller, it is termed as the most elaborate and widely used Crown.

The Queen Consorts Crown

Queen Consorts Crown which is made up of 105.6 carats is Crowned to the wife of whoever is crowned as king. It is believed that bad luck always falls to any man who wears the crown. In other words, the crown can only be used by the Queen of Consort.

Orb, sovereign’s Sceptre with a cross, Jewelled Sword of offering, St. Edward Crown, the Imperial State Crown, and Queen Consorts Crown are the six diamonds in the Crown Jewels. The six diamonds are believed to play very vital roles including religious roles within the jurisdiction and therefore cannot be ignored.

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