How Much do I Need to Spend for a Half Crown Diamond Band


Half Crown bands are used for various purposes: in weddings and for fun. It is a wish for every band’s buyer to have a nice and attractive band. However, not all half Crown bands own these characteristics. Half-Crown Diamond Band is special in a way. A person looking for a band to buy should consider the Half-Crown Diamond band. Let us look at what you need to spend for a half Crown Diamond Band.

According to the Jewelry industry, you will spend between $500 to $5500 USD. The range of spending includes the cost of the diamond, the cost of a half Crown, and any side stone that you wish to be added to your band. The cost of Half Crown Diamond Band is different from the other half Crow bands. The reason why the cost of the Half-Crown Diamond Band is relatively higher as compared to the rest is the cost involved in the process of coming up with the Half-Crown Diamond Band. The cost involved in the process of coming up with a Half-Crown Diamond Band is very high.

Approximately, a diamond mine will cost up to $1 billion to develop. After the diamond is discovered in a place, it takes more than 11 years before it becomes fully productive. The cost of operating a diamond always goes up to a maximum of $100 million every year. The cost does not include salaries paid to both expert and casual workers employed in the site. When the cost of the workers is included, the cost tends to rise more.

After Workers in the mining site are done with extracting the rock containing diamond ore, they are required to process the rock to separate Diamond ore from the rock. According to scientists, it is estimated that 100 tones of rock produce only one carat of gem-quality diamond ore. The diamond ore is required to be shipped from the mining site to the cutting centers.

At the cutting centers, the skilled diamond cutters hired are required to shape and polish the diamond ore to half Crown form. Due to diamond Crystal having the highest hardness and thermal conductivity of any natural material, this process of shaping and polishing is always time-consuming and exhausting. After the exhausting process, the diamond is transported from the cutting centers to a Jewelry store for sales. All these costs accumulated in the whole process resulted in the high price of the Half-Crown Diamond Band.

You need to spend a lot for a Half-Crown Diamond Band compared to other types of half–crown bands. Diamond crystals go through a long process before reaching the market. A lot of resources and time is required to come up with the Half-Crown Diamond Band thus resulting in the high cost of the band. Despite the cost, many buyers are always after Half-Crown Diamond Band due to its attractive appearance and durability. Half- Crown Diamond Band is worth it’s cost.

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