Princess Eugenie wore a very stunning emerald and diamond tiara at her wedding.

Princess Eugenie

The diamond tiara Princess Eugenie wore at her wedding was a gift from Princess Diana, who lent it to the new Duchess. 

On her wedding day, the Princess wore a diamond tiara from the Imperial Court. The tiara is a kokoshnik, a style popular in the Russian Imperial Court. The tiara is one of the few items worn by a newlywed because royal etiquette states that only married women should wear a tiara. In addition to the tiara, the Princess wore matching emerald and diamond drop earrings from her husband, Jack Brooksbank. The crown is adorned with rose-cut pave-set diamonds. The center emerald weighs more than 90 carats.

Princess Eugenie’s Famous Diamond tiara

It is one of the most famous tiaras in history. It has been a favorite of many royal women and is still considered a timeless classic. Its popularity has increased in recent years, with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wearing it on their wedding day. It is also one of the most iconic pieces in royal family tiaras.

Choosing a diamond tiara for her wedding was an obvious choice. However, the tiara is not a modern piece of jewelry. The Queen wore it at her wedding in 1920, and it has the same style as the Princess’s tiara from the same period. The tiara was created in Paris, France, by Miss Greville in 1919. The tiara features a row of six emeralds.

Emerald diamond tiara

Princess Eugenie’s diamond tiara is unique in that it features an emerald rather than the typical diamond tiara used by other royal brides. A large portion of royal tiaras are made of just one type of stone and designed this tiara was to showcase an emerald uniquely. The tiara is made of platinum and features brilliant and rose-cut diamonds pave-set on each side. 

Borrowed Princess Eugenie’s diamond tiara was from her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. The diamond tiara that Princess Eugenie wore at her wedding is a replica of the tiara worn by Sarah Ferguson in 1986. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip wore it. It was modeled after the diamond tiara worn by Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew’s former wife. The tiara is said to have been given to her by her ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, a former British actress. The tiara was partially covered up with a flower crown as she walked down the aisle. After saying, “I do,” she removed the flowers.

Diamond tiara creation

The diamond tiara was created by the Parisian jewelry house Boucheron and was modeled after the kokoshnik style popularized in the Imperial Russian Court. It was left to the Queen’s mother when she passed away in 1942 and was inherited by Princess Elect to wear at her wedding.

Princess Eugenie’s wedding day saw the Queen’s long-hidden diamond tiara. The tiara, made by Parisian jewelry house Boucheron in 1919, has a value of up to US$13 million. The tiara is a regal piece, which the Princess wore at her royal wedding. The York diamond tiara worn by Princess Eugenie at her wedding is one of the most beautiful diamond tiaras in history. It was also the bride’s choice. Her wedding dress was a very important part of the royal family. The bride’s dress was, but her tiara was an important accessory. 

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