Tiaras Made Mainly of Diamonds

Tiaras Made Mainly of Diamonds

Tiaras made of diamonds are popular among collectors. People want to wear tiaras in everyday life but cannot afford them. Unlike traditional jewelry, tiaras are not just beautiful but are also extremely durable. Whether you want to wear it for the day or keep it in the family, it will always be a treasured possession.

A tiara made of diamonds can be expensive and have multiple uses. Traditionally, only the Pope wore a tiara of this type, but it is a custom-made piece today. A tiara made of diamonds is the perfect piece for a royal wedding. Moreover, it is a great accessory for any party. This beautiful tiara is not only stylish but also functional.


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One of the most beautiful tiaras in the world is one that’s made mostly of diamonds. The Boucheron Loop Tiara comprises 675 diamonds that were given to Queen Mary of Teck by de Beers. The tiara was made for her by the jewelry house Boucheron, and the jeweler was commissioned to create it by the duchess’s mother, Princess Mary Adelaide. Another example is the Teck Crescent, which features two crescent moons of diamonds stacked on top of each other and a layered band.

While most tiaras made of diamonds have been vintage, some contemporary pieces have risen to the occasion. One such piece is the papal tiara that popes wore. It was so intricate that it almost broke during the ceremony. The tiara is so elaborate that it can double as a necklace. However, unlike the traditional crowns, tiaras are not worn by royalty and are often worn by ladies of means.


The Russian version of the Kokoshnik is a heavily-detailed cloth-covered head ornament that sits high on the forehead. They are based on the tradition of folklore in Russia and were inspired by the creations of Faberge. The Kokoshnik is a type of tiara often characterized by diamond-set bars or a continuous chevron-shaped panel. Aigrette is another popular form of tiara that sits on the forehead. It is a simple tiara used to support a plume of feathers. The name comes from the fact that it is derived from egret feathers and is commonly worn above the eyebrows.

Another style of tiara made entirely of diamonds is the Papyrus tiara. This tiara was made from an 1893 brooch that Queen Mary received. The bandeau tiara is a unique piece with eleven separate sections and is made of gold, silver, and other precious materials. Its center brooch is made of diamonds and is decorated with gems.


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A tiara made of most diamonds is the most expensive tiara you can afford. These are expensive and often encrusted with precious stones. A diamond-encrusted tiara can fetch a price between PS726,000 and PS1.1 million. The Greville Tiara is a magnificent example of this. The Queen of England had a lot of money to spend on her wedding.

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