How was Sarah Ferguson allowed to keep her diamond tiara used in her wedding?

diamond tiara

Sarah Ferguson was allowed to keep the diamond tiara she wore at her wedding as a bride-to-be. The tiara is known as the York Diamond, and it was purchased from Garrard by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. It is said that the Queen and Prince Philip gave the tiara to Sarah as a gift, so it is likely that it was the same tiara she wore on her wedding day.

Princess Eugenie and Prince Andrew both wore a diamond tiara at their royal weddings, but the Sarah Ferguson tiara has been making the rounds. The tiara is one of the Queen’s most famous pieces and a beautiful accessory to wear at a royal wedding. Sarah Ferguson chose to wear a tiara differently to hide it under a flower crown. Sarah Ferguson’s tiara is the most popular piece of jewelry from the 1920s.

Diamond tiara commissioned

Queen Elizabeth II commissioned the diamond tiara for the wedding and designed it for Sarah Ferguson’s bridesmaids. It has floral scrollwork around the center diamond and was created for Russia’s Grand Duchess, Maria Pavlovna. Then gave the tiara to Queen Mary, who wore it on her wedding day. The tiara is still in the family, and she keeps it.

Sarah Ferguson wore a flower crown during the royal wedding to symbolize the gardenias that her prince loved. The York Diamond Tiara features a large five-carat diamond and floral scrollwork.

Sarah Ferguson marriage

Sarah Ferguson removed the flower crown when signing the marriage certificate, but she kept the diamond tiara when she married Andrew. She is considered a royal family member, and it is believed that the tiara symbolizes her entrance into the royal family. Her tiara was a gift from Andrew and had about $8 million.

Private collection for Royal family

The tiara was part of the royal family’s private collection; Sarah Ferguson was allowed to keep it when she divorced Prince Andrew. She is a patron of Teenage Cancer Trust and was also involved in the founding of Children in Crisis. The tiara was a gift from Queen Elizabeth. It is a piece of jewelry worn on her wedding day and may still be worn by Princess Eugenie as she weds later this fall.

When Andrew and Ferguson separated, they had their wedding at a smaller chapel. The chapel was close to the parents’ home. Her father, Prince Andrew, has walked Markle from her house to the church and continued the aisle with her, but he was left out of the official wedding photographs. It’s unclear if Andrew will use the style Her Royal Highness.

Sarah Ferguson wore the diamond tiara during her brief tenure as a royal. Her wedding was private, and she kept her diamond tiara in the same tiara. While her wedding was very low-key and simple, her tiara reflected her love for the royal family and was the event’s centerpiece. She removed it only for her reasons when signing the marriage certificate.She was allowed to keep the diamond tiara that she used at her wedding. It served as a symbol of her royal heritage. During her brief career as a royal, Sarah Ferguson never wore the diamond tiara.

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