Who has the most Expensive Tiara in the World?

The Most Expensive Tiara In The World

What is the basic difference between a tiara and a crown? I came across this million-dollar question a while ago. Crowns are larger and taller than tiaras. Also, tiaras often don’t form a full circle, but crowns are always a full circle.

Most Expensive Tiara

So who has got the most expensive tiara in the world?

The highest price ever recorded for a tiara at an auction is USD 12,736,927, which was at the Sotheby’s Geneva sale of Magnificent and Noble Jewels in 2011. Believe it or not, this is way pricier than most royal family tiaras! You may wonder as to why such a high price for a tiara. Since long, Tiaras fitted with gems and stones, and those made of precious metals have been considered as an asset to keep. They sometimes throw light on the family’s historical background and cultural origin. Thus, tiaras can also be kept as antique pieces and are held in high regard, this being the reason for their high demand in certain jewelry auctions.

It is said that this particular tiara was the grandest piece of jewel to have come to the auction in 30 years. It was a stunning emerald and diamond tiara, which had a variety of rare emeralds. Those emeralds had a rich hue and sparkle. These were believed to be a part of the assets of a Maharaja in India long back, to whom these were incredibly precious.

Amazing Tiara Collections

diamond tiara

Although devoid of any rich historical background, tiaras of similar designs and quality, are easily available online, so that you can sway in your dress with grace. For instance Tiara 41.05 Ctw Rose Cut Diamond Pearl 925 Sterling Silver Tiara and the Princess Bridal Tiara 62 Ctw Rose Cut Diamond Pearl, Tourmaline 925 Sterling Silver Tiara which you can find in Costozon Diamondtiaracrown.com. The stunning Rose-cut diamonds add such sparkle to your personality. The sturdy sterling silver body of glamorous princess tiara is studded with Rose cut diamonds, pearls, and tourmaline, and thus is great for weddings and beauty pageants. Prices further slash down during sales, so watch out ladies!

Princess Bridal Tiara

And to speak of another rich and elegant piece from the “Gold Tiara” section, the Princess Tiara 41.00Ct Diamond 14K White Gold Wedding Anniversary Bridal Tiara is the dream tiara of those in the desire of a royal Disney princess look. It is made of 14 Carat yellow gold and is embellished with round diamonds and a few pearls. The eye-catching sparkle of this piece is beyond stunning. This complements the silvery-white gowns worn at weddings and thus is apt for brides as well.

Princess Tiara

Princess tiaras are among the most gorgeous as well as versatile categories of tiaras and can be easily carried to a prom night, a wedding, or a quinceañera. They simply display royal elegance. You won’t look less than a born princess. You won’t fall short of options to choose from while browsing for princess tiaras on the website Costozon Diamondtiaracrown.com. They have a huge and varied collection out there for all occasions and ceremonies.

Who has the most Expensive Tiara in the World?
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Who has the most Expensive Tiara in the World?
So who has got the most expensive tiara in the world?
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