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Do you know antique headband tiara are still in the market to date. Let us discuss the reasons as to why antique tiara is  in the market despite their age .

Some of the Antique headband tiara are centuries old ,initially they were made for the Royal families. They were worn by princess during weddings but those who had been born as Princess were allowed to wear them before their wedding. Today ,anyone can woman or lady can wear a tiara if she feels to wear.Tiaras are worn on weddings, birthday parties or even on other special occasions. Let us look some of the some of the Antique tiara which have appeared in the market of recent

Henklel Von Donnersmark tiara

In 1900, Henklel Von Donnersmark tiara was designed for Princess Katharina Henklel Von Donnersmark-a member of a German Noble family. The tiara contains more than 500 carats .The antique tiara was designed by Chaumet and it’s believed to be one of the most expensive tiara to be sold for £7.8 million USD.

Mike Todd diamond tiara

Mike Todd gave the diamond tiara to her wife -Elizabeth Tylor in 1957 as a wedding gift .Elizabeth is not an actual royalty but an Hollywood royalty. Mike Todd diamond tiara was designed in 19th century and is made up of diamond and gold. In 2011,the Mike Todd tiara was sold for £2.7 million going in history as one of the most expensive tiara ever bought.

Murat tiara

The Murat tiara was designed by Joseph Chaumet in 1920.It is made up of diamond.The tiara was designed for Princess Gillois as a wedding gift. The Murat owns the diamond tiara and is believed to contain 75 carats. In 2012,the tiara was sold at a cost of more than $3 million USD.

Duchess of Roxburghe tiara

This Art Deco diamond was a wedding gift from the Duke of Roxburghe to his bride- – lady Mary Evelyn Hungerford Crewe-Milne in 1935.The tiara was sold in 2014 for £1.7 million at Sotheby’s Geneva  in 2015.

The Queen Orientation Circlet tiara

This tiara was designed by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria in1853.It is among the Antique tiara still in existence. Queen Alexandra inherited this tiara from her grandmother-Queen Victoria after her death Today the tiara has a price tag of $6 million USD.

Queen Mary’s Fringe tiara

Gerrard designed this tiara for the grandmother of the monarch in 1919.The tiara which is made of diamond is sold at a cost of $5 million making it one of the most expensive tiara .The tiara has been worn by high icons such as Princess Anne and Princess Beatrice on their Weddings.

Antique headband tiara are still in demand despite their age. The tiara needs a good amount to be purchased and it’s one of the expensive tiara in the market today .The price of   antique tiara change with the number of carats used to make it,the color ,size and even the person who designed  it. Antique tiara Is believed to have been designed by very experienced people making them long lasting.People prefer this type of tiara because of the antique display they give.

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