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A Gold crown is a unique full circular headwear worn by royalties. It looks the same from the front, back, and both sides. Passed down the family line from generation to generation, the crown was worn by monarch rulers to symbolize their power, status, wealth, and dignity. Made with the most unique and expensive gemstones and precious metals, it is only worn by Royal family members, and a common man is not allowed to even touch it. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is said to have the most expensive crown worth GBP 3.5 billion. Various royal families across Europe have their crowns in their own possession. Some have kept it in museums while others have kept them in their palaces. Nowadays, anyone can buy and wear a tiara but to wear a crown, you have to be part of the Royal family. You can buy yourself a crown and wear it but it won’t be the same as the one the Royal family has.Read More

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