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Tiaras are the accessory for the bridal ceremony. Brides used to wear it at their wedding. There are many options for head jewelry but a tiara is the perfect one for the head. It gives a crowning touch. Bridal tiaras are much more unique than any other headband. It is costly and most valuable.

Tiaras are made up of different metals like gold, platinum silver, etc. These metals are highly used for jewelry because it is expensive as well as less reactive than anything. The metal used for this is not 100% pure and it is alloyed with different metals to increase the strength and flexibility as well as luster to avoid corrosion.[head more]

  • Gold:

Gold is used to make tiaras, diamonds can be fit I the silver or any other gem with the gold. The ones made of gold are both silver and gold material. Gemstones look extraordinary and elegant in the gold tiara. The skilled jewelers can easily fit the gems in the crown.

  • silver:

Silver is cheaper than any other metals it also easily tarnish when exposed to air or water. The more popular in the world is silver tiaras because of their low price and semi-precious gemstones.

  • Platinum:

Platinum is popular and tiara are mostly prepared with platinum as it is most stronger and heavier at the same time. It is much more durable but the jeweler finds more difficulty in making the platinum tiara. it is an expensive tiara than any other metals.

  • Metal gold:

The metal gold is a mixture or alloy of yellow gold with white metal. It includes several metals including copper and zinc. It is much more strong and white. They are not royal ones, white gold is much more popular around the world.

  1. Choosing a tiara for a wedding ceremony:

Tiara is now is not a symbol of royalty. It Is just an accessory for a bride to decorate her head with the finest quality crown or tiara to look specific and extraordinary.

  1. History of tiaras:

In the past decade brides used to wear a bridal crown made up of flowers, leaves, or herbs to decorate their heads at their weddings. This oldest tradition became more valuable and adorable ad it became the symbol of royalty and high class. Later it was converted from flowers to precious gems and stones embedded in a metal frame. This bridal tiara is commonly worn by the brides as a head adornment.

  1. Types of tiaras:
  • Wishbone tiara:

This type of tiara is curved from the sides and has a delicate versatile with a rising point.

  • Regal tiara:

Regal tiaras are formal and can be sat on the top of the head. It is higher in size and gives a stunning look.

  • Double band tiara:

It is a headband tiara, it consists of two bands attached to itself.

  • Wreath tiara:

A wreath tiara is made up of showcasing flowers and looks quite romantic and natural style for the wedding.[/head]

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