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Choosing a Ladies Tiara is an exciting task, especially when you’re a royal, but there are a few tips to keep in mind. Firstly, choose a tiara with a shape that flatters your face shape. For example, pointy tiaras make round faces look longer and vice versa. Choose a rounded tiara for long faces to make it even more elegant.Read More


During the 19th century, Queen Victoria wore a diamond and pearl tiara for a costume ball. The tiara was given to Queen Mary by her mother, which means it was designed by the same company. The tiara was made so that it could be worn as a necklace or neckline. It was later worn by Queen Victoria at a white-tie ball in 1897.


First Ladies Tiara

The first Ladies Tiara was given to Queen Mary in 1893. It was designed by the firm Hunt and Roskell and was intended to be a versatile piece of jewellery. The tiara was made of pearls, diamonds, and other gemstones. As a necklace, the tiara was worn as a neckline. In 1897, Queen Victoria wore a tiara to the first official White House portrait.


The ladies tiara was a gift from the Queen to her husband. It was initially meant to be a versatile piece of jewellery. The original was made of diamonds and pearls. The tiara was designed by Garrard for Lady Florence Poltimore. In 1897, Queen Victoria wore the tiara as a necklace. It became one of the most essential items in the royal collection.

There are many different uses of the Ladies Tiara. The Queen used it to hold the royal family’s wealth, and it was a tiara for the royal court. However, the tiara was intended to be an all-purpose piece designed with diamonds and pearls. 


Queen Eugenie Wedding Tiara

During her wedding, Queen Eugenie wore the Ladies Tiara created by Boucheron. The tiara was designed for all-purpose use and was made from diamonds and pearls. The bride wore the tiara with the bride’s hairstyle and veil during her marriage. She was photographed wearing it by her husband’s sister, a photographer.


Queen Elizabeth Tiara

Queen Elizabeth wore a tiara that had diamonds in it. The ladies tiara was given to Queen Mary as a gift to mark her marriage. It was a multipurpose piece of jewellery. The crown also had a clasp on it, so attaching a chain to it was easy. Its size was a factor in the choice of the tiara.


A ladies tiara is traditionally a semi-circular headdress only worn by women. These tiaras are generally centred on the front and are often worn in the back. A tiara can be made of many different materials, and some of the most beautiful tiaras are designed with a centre tiara shaped like a crown. A tiara with a small centre can be a simple piece of jewellery or a tiara made of a large ring. Shop the best ladies tiara at

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