Why is Queen Victoria’s Small Diamond Crown no Longer Worn

Have you been curious to know why Queen Victoria’s Small Diamond Crown is no longer worn? Here is the best place for you. IN this article I will explain to you the reason why Queen Victoria’s Small Diamond Crown is Never worn nowadays.

The truth of the matter as to why Queen Victoria’s Small Diamond Crown is no longer worn is because is not part of the Crown on the throne. The Small Diamond Crown belonged to Queen Victoria and not the Throne. The Crown was designed to meet Queen Victoria’s interest -it was designed to meet her desired form of dress as a widow.

After the death of Prince Albert who happened to be husband to Queen Victoria, she instructed a Small Diamond Crown to be designed for her different from the Imperial State Crown. Queen Victoria began to wear the Small Diamond Crown. After some time, the Queen went missing from the public. In 1970, Queen Victoria had no option but to come back to the public view as a result of the pressure from the Government.

After her come back, Queen Victoria refused to wear the Imperial State Crown again. She complained that the Imperial State Crown was too heavy and she felt uncomfortable wearing it. She complained further that it was not possible to wear the Imperial State Crown on top of the Widow’s Cap. The Queen decided to replace the Imperial State Crown with the Small Diamond Crown for her own sake.

After the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, the Small Diamond Crown was left as part of the Crown in the Throne under her willingness. Queen Alexandra of Denmark took over from Queen Victoria. She occasionally wore the Small Diamond Crown which she had found in the Throne. Under the reign-(1910- 1936) of Queen Mary of Teck, she was witnessed using the Small Diamond Crown. It wasn’t a requirement for both Queen Alexandra and Queen Mary to wear the Small Diamond Crown- they wore the Small Diamond Crown willingly.

After Queen Mary lost her husband- Prince George V, she ceased wearing the small Diamond Crown. Queen Elizabeth took over after the death of Queen Mary. During her period (1936- 1956)as a queen, Elizabeth ceased from wearing the Small Diamond Crown completely. She preferred the Imperial State Crown over the Small Diamond Crown. In her view, she never saw the importance of the Small Diamond Crown.

The Small Diamond Crown remained for a long time without being worn. Prince George VI – husband to Queen Elizabeth Bowes decided to get a raid of the Crown from the Throne. He deposited it in the Jewels House at the Tower of London.

The Small Diamond Crown was designed for Queen Victoria specifically. However, Queen Victoria decided to leave it in the Throne willingly. Since the Small Diamond Crown was not a requirement by the Monarch to be worn by the queen, the crown lost meaning to those who came after Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria’s Small Diamond is no longer worn because up to date, it’s deposited in the Jewels House for public display.



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